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Newsweekly for May 21, 2017

Newsweekly: Newsweekly-052117 Virginia Mennonite Missions: May 21 Lift up Phil and Betsy Moyer as they will leave Albania on Tuesday after a Partners in Mission assignment at the Lezha Academic… Read more »

Newsweekly for Sunday, May 14, 2017

  Newsweekly:  Newsweekly-051417 Local Events: VMC-News-051417 Volunteers Opportunities: VMC-Volunteer-Positions-051417 Job Openings: VMC-Job-Opportunities-051417 Virginia Mennonite Missions: May 14 New Creation Shoppe in Harrisonburg, Va., where Caitlin Tice works, is growing. As… Read more »

Newsweekly for Sunday May 7, 2017

  Newsweekly:  Newsweekly-050717 Local Events: VMC-News-050717 Volunteers Opportunities: VMC-Volunteer-Positions-050717 Job Openings: VMC-Job-Opportunities-050717 Virginia Mennonite Missions: May 7 Pray for Alfonso Alvarado as he recovers from a recent eye surgery and… Read more »

Newsweekly for Sunday, April 30, 2017

Newsweekly:  Newsweekly-043017 Local Events: VMC-News-043017 Volunteers Opportunities: VMC-Volunteer-Positions-043017 Job Openings: VMC-Job-Opportunities-0430171 Virginia Mennonite Missions: April 30 Pray that God will open doors for Francisco and Juanita Machado as they continue… Read more »

Newsweekly for Sunday, April 23, 2017

  Newsweekly:  Newsweekly-042317  Local Events: VMC-News-042317 Volunteers Opportunities: VMC-Volunteer-Positions-042317 Job Openings: VMC-Job-Opportunities-042317 Virginia Mennonite Missions: April 23 Pray that Mitch and Lauren Yoder will stay focused on the work that… Read more »

Newsweekly for Sunday 04/16/2017

Newsweekly:  Newsweekly-041617  Local Events: VMC-News-041617 Volunteers Opportunities: VMC-Volunteer-Positions-041617 Job Openings: VMC-Job-Opportunities-041617 Virginia Mennonite Missions: April 16 We are all called to spread the good news of Easter to our neighbors…. Read more »

Newsweekly for April 9, 2017

Newsweekly:  Newsweekly-040917 Local Events VMC-News-040917 Volunteers Opportunities VMC-Volunteer-Positions-040917 Job Openings VMC-Job-Opportunities-040917 Virginia Mennonite Missions April 9 Pray for wisdom for Jason Wagner in knowing how to be a voice of… Read more »

Newsweekly for April 2, 2017

Newsweekly: Newsweekly-040217 Local Events VMC-News-040217 Volunteers Opportunities VMC-Volunteer-Positions-040217 Job Openings VMC-Job-Opportunities-040217 Virginia Mennonite Missions April 2 At Nazareth Village in Israel, tranSender Elsa Miller keeps busy by leading tours and… Read more »

Newsweekly for March 26 2017

Newsweekly Newsweekly-032617 Local Events VMC-News-032617 Volunteers Opportunities VMC-Volunteer-Positions-032617 Job Openings VMC-Job-Opportunities-032617 Virginia Mennonite Missions March 26 Beginning on Thursday of this week, local leaders of Mennonite Mission Network’s Mennonite Voluntary… Read more »

Newsweekly for March 19 2017

Newsweekly Newsweekly 031917 Local Events VMC News 031917 Volunteers Opportunities VMC Volunteer Positions 031917 Job Openings VMC Job Opportunities 031917 Virginia Mennonite Missions March 19 Ask for wisdom for Nancy… Read more »