Outreach Commission


The Outreach Commission oversees all aspects of the local outreach ministry for Community Mennonite Church.  The Outreach Commission will deal primarily with ongoing programs at CMC with an eye to local needs and how to best meet the needs of the community.

The primary assignment for the Outreach Commission will monitor and improve upon what is being done locally and to keep CMC members informed of needs and concerns. The Outreach Commission will resource and give counsel to the various committees and representatives who regularly report to the commission.  The Outreach Commission will process and develop recommendations for Church Council  (but not make final decisions) on matters that pertain to the committees and representatives related to the commission.


Members & Committees:

  • Chair: Hadley Jenner  2017
  • Pastoral Team Representative: Jason Gerlach
  • Gifts Discernment Representative:
  • Nelly Moreno Shenk   2017
  • Ben Wyse   2017
  • Sarah Kiser 2018
  • Aliese Gingerich 2018
  • Keith Gnagey 2019
  • Community Preschool Inc. Board Liaison: Joyce Osborne  16
  • Patchwork Pantry Liaison Mim Yoder  2017
  • Highland Retreat Liaison Contact Person: Jesse Rodriguez  2017
  • Mennonite Disaster Service Liaison: Sam Miller  2017
  • Everence Liaison: Timothy and Ruth Stoltzfus Jost   2017
  • Virginia Relief Sale Liaison:
  • Open Doors Liaisons:
    • Jim Yoder and Ben Wyse  (until Spring 2018)
  • Bridge of Hope Liaison
  • Faith In Action Representatives:
    • Kent Davis Sensenig 2018
    • Aliese Gingerich 2019
    • Brian Martin Burkholder, Alternate