Ushers Committee


Prepare church and sanctuary to receive the congregation, and welcome each person who attends worship.


  1. Open the church before worship (or another event).
  2. Check climate control settings and seating alignment.
  3. Prepare hymnals and bulletins for distribution.
  4. Welcome attenders to the sanctuary and assist with seating and other needs—explain the building layout, provide hearing assistance devices, answer questions.
  5. Collect offering as directed by the worship leader.
  6. Collect hymnals and put away hymnal racks.

Ushers also may be called upon to supervise an emergency evacuation. Please review the Emergency Evacuation Procedures.


Members of this group occasionally meet together, but perform their responsibilities as teams as scheduled on the worship calendar. This committee reports to Worship Commission, but does not generally send a representative to Worship Commission meetings.

Members include:

  1. Coordinator. Schedules ushers for each Sunday, trains new ushers, communicates policies and procedures to all ushers, consults with Worship Commission chair as needed.
  2. Ushers. Take a turn as head usher on a regular basis, serve as usher regularly, promote and follow user policies as set by the usher coordinator.


  • Dan Beachy (Usher coordinator) 2017
  • Greg Koop 2017
  • Matt Gingerich 2017
  • Alden Hostetter 2017
  • Jim Bishop 2017
  • Matt Waideliech 2017
  • Matt Ruth 2017
  • Randall Reichenbach 2018
  • Timothy Jost 2018
  • Ruth Stoltzfus Jost 2018
  • Jennifer North Bauman 2018
  • Subs: Michael Zook, Dirk Miller

Usher Committee Job Description