Youth Commission


Youth Commission oversees all education and programs of CMC that relate directly to children and youth (nursery through high school), encouraging and preparing them to follow the way of Christ in the world. The primary assignment for the Youth Commission is to give overall leadership to the various committees and groups related to children and youth activities at CMC. The Commission will also process and develop recommendations for church council regarding Christian education and activities. Youth Commission may serve as an advocate for including faith development of youth in other congregational activities as appropriate.

Members & Committees

  • Chair: Joyce Peachey Lind 2018
  • Vice Chair:
  • Gifts Discernment Committee:
  • Parent Representative:
  • Nursery Committee
    • Tiffany Showalter 2018
    • Shannon Roth 2018
  • Sunday School Superintendent: Monica Carlson 2019
  • Venture Club
    • Alexus Martin 2018
    • 3 open positions
  • Jr. MYF (Grades 6-8)
    • Kent Davis Sensenig 2018
    • Kendal Bauman 2019
  • MYF (Grades 9-12)
    • Mariah Martin
    • Jonathan Augsburger
    • Abi Shank Zehr
  • Mentor Program Coordinator: Open position
  • Care Box Coordinator
    • Sheri Smucker 2019
  • Library Committee: Simone Horst 2018

Job Descriptions:

Children’s safety: