Newsweekly for Sunday, May 14, 2017

  Newsweekly:  Newsweekly-051417 Local Events: VMC-News-051417 Volunteers Opportunities: VMC-Volunteer-Positions-051417 Job Openings: VMC-Job-Opportunities-051417 Virginia Mennonite Missions: May 14 New Creation Shoppe in Harrisonburg, Va., where Caitlin Tice works, is growing. As… Read more »

Newsweekly for Sunday May 7, 2017

  Newsweekly:  Newsweekly-050717 Local Events: VMC-News-050717 Volunteers Opportunities: VMC-Volunteer-Positions-050717 Job Openings: VMC-Job-Opportunities-050717 Virginia Mennonite Missions: May 7 Pray for Alfonso Alvarado as he recovers from a recent eye surgery and… Read more »

Newsweekly for Sunday, April 30, 2017

Newsweekly:  Newsweekly-043017 Local Events: VMC-News-043017 Volunteers Opportunities: VMC-Volunteer-Positions-043017 Job Openings: VMC-Job-Opportunities-0430171 Virginia Mennonite Missions: April 30 Pray that God will open doors for Francisco and Juanita Machado as they continue… Read more »