Adult Education

CMC offers a number of interesting learning opportunities for adults in every stage of life.

CMC Adult Education Spring Quarter Classes

March 4 – June 3, 2018

(No classes on April 1: Easter!)

“But the Bible says…”  Many church controversies grow out of different ways to interpret our Scriptures. If your more conservative friends and family wrongly assume you care less about the Bible than they do, consider attending this class. We will first evaluate different methods of interpretation, then wrestle with gender and patriarchy in biblical and Ancient Near East culture, and finally spend time looking at sexuality, marriage, and the seven texts that seem to condemn what we call “homosexuality.” How do they relate—if they do—to our current LGBTQ issues? Class interaction strongly encouraged!  All material is online at:    Leader: Reta Halteman Finger (Room #109)

Young(ish) Adults at CMC (Round 2) If you find yourself somewhere north of 20 but south of, say, 45 (the new 35!), come and join us (we don’t card at the door, in any case!)  Each week we have a question/theme to consider, spend a few minutes in personal reflection, then break into small groups of 3—taking turns sharing around the circle—and finally come back as a whole group to hear from each other.  The last 15-20 minutes of class we dedicate to hearing something of the young-adult sojourn of one member of our circle, more in-depth.  You can show up any week and not miss a beat, as it isn’t a series.  Be there, or be circular!  Facilitators: Lucy Malenke, Aliese Gingrich, Kent Davis Sensenig (Room #203, upstairs in the main building)

“The Faith Club” Book Group In keeping with CMC’s new inter-church/inter-faith vision initiative, this discussion group will read through the popular book The Faith Club: a Muslim, a Christian, and a Jew: Three Women Search for Understanding by Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver and Priscilla Warner, which emerged as a personal and relational response to the events of 9/11.  Supplemental sessions may bring the Buddhist, Hindu, and other global religious traditions into the mix as well.  No exams will be given!  Facilitator: Mike Brislen (Room #205, 2nd floor)

Exploring CMC Membership Class (April 8-May 6) Pastor Dayna will lead a five-session series for attenders exploring membership at CMC.  The class will run the five Sundays following Easter (April 8, 15, 22, 29 and May 6).  More details to come!  If you are interested, please contact Dayna (  Facilitator: Pastor Dayna Olson-Getty (Dean House)

Men’s Off-Campus Fellowship  This unstructured fellowship hour affords a unique opportunity for men to enjoy coffee, donuts, and healthy conversation.  Visitors welcome.  Contacts: Hugh Stoll, Nathan Zook Barge, Jim Miller, Ben Wyse

Quilting and Conversation (Coat Rack Area)  Join us as we share and fellowship while quilting! Ask us about our current projects.  Contact:  MarthaJune Graber




If you have any questions, please contact the listed class leaders or one of the members of the Adult Education Committee: Kent Davis Sensenig (chair); Reta Finger; or Dayna Olson-Getty (pastoral advisor)