Adult Education

CMC offers a number of interesting learning opportunities for adults in every stage of life.


CMC Adult Education Winter Quarter Classes (Dec. 2 – Feb. 24, 2019)

(No classes on Dec. 23 and 30: Christmas Break!)

Racial Equity and the Church (Sanctuary)

What is systemic racism? What can we really do about it? And what does it have to do with how we pray, read scripture, worship or serve in our community? Using resources from the Racial Equity Institute and from our own experiences of wrestling with these questions in the church, this class will examine how we, in our congregation, are not immune to the reach of systemic racism, focusing on the shape of white privilege and power, asking ourselves: How do we not only refuse to cave in and capitulate to racism–especially when it appears in the church–but take an active stand against it? What does it mean to be a congregation committed to dismantling racism and all barriers that prohibit the full participation of God's diverse people? Everyone is welcome to the opening sessions (Dec 2, 9 and 16). Because the material is cumulative, everyone who commits to 6 of the next 8 sessions, in January and February, can continue in the class. During Jan-Feb class members are encouraged to read one of these books: The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander; White Fragility, Robin Di Angelo; The Cross and the Lynching Tree, James Cone; Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson, The Trouble I've Seen, Drew Hart; Stamped from the Beginning, Ibram X. Kendi.

Facilitators: Jennifer Davis Sensenig; Tim Seidel; Mike Brislen; Kim Copeland


Responding to Worship Forum (Room #203, 2nd floor)

Ever wish you had some time and space to respond to/expand upon/discuss with others/go beyond what happens in worship on a given Sunday morning? Well, now you have the chance! This class provides an open, facilitated forum for responding to worship: the sermon, yes, but also songs, scriptures, sharing, sacraments, and spontaneous, spirited things that kids (and adults!) do during this centering time for our faith-community. Facilitators will provide a "jumping off" place–and the preacher-of-the-day may occasionally "sit in"–but the time is for us to share insights and emotions with each other, as the body of Christ. Drop in any week!

Facilitators: Kent Davis Sensenig; Stuart & Shirley Showalter; Angie Clemens; Peter Dula


Would the Real Adam and Eve Please Stand Up?

Bible Stories Revisited and Bible Characters Re-examined (Room #205, 2nd floor)

This 8-week (Jan.-Feb.) class will focus attention on the everyday lives–the faith, doubts, passions, fears, joys, conflicts, confusions, successes, and failures–of a series of Bible characters. Our first goal will be to revisit familiar (or perhaps not so familiar) Bible stories and re-examine the "real" biblical characters who sometimes walk, sometimes run, and sometimes stumble or fall flat on their faces through the pages of the Scriptures. Our second goal will be to reflect on what we can learn from these real-world "saints" from the Scriptures as we seek to be faithful disciples of Jesus in our own world. Join us and discover the "real Adam and Eve" and others from their lively crew of biblical descendants. (Character studies are largely as yet to be determined. You are welcome to put in your bid for your own "favorite" Bible character.)

Leader: Dorothy Jean Weaver (January and February)


Men's Off-Campus Fellowship   This unstructured fellowship hour affords a unique opportunity for men to enjoy coffee, donuts, and healthy conversation.  Visitors welcome!

Contacts: Hugh Stoll, Nathan Zook Barge, Jim Miller, Ben Wyse


Quilting and Conversation (Coat Rack Area)   Join us as we share and fellowship while quilting! Ask us about our current projects.  Contact:  MarthaJune Graber

If you have any questions, please contact one of the members of the Adult Education Committee: Kent Davis Sensenig (chair); Reta Finger; or Dayna Olson-Getty (pastoral advisor)