Elder Job Description


To collaborate with pastoral staff in leading Community Mennonite Church toward God’s purposes within this congregation and beyond ourselves. To serve in partnership with the pastors in providing Christ-centered counsel and encouragement.


  • Faithfully pray for the pastors and congregation.
  • Be visibly present and available as a member of the Pastoral Team in congregational life.
  • Identify an area of ministry focus as a pastoral elder in light of individual gifts and abilities. (For example, young adult ministries, pastoral care, churchwide discernment and decision-making, children and youth, rituals in worship, new attenders, etc.)
  • Engage with the Pastoral Team’s spiritual discernment and decision-making processes.
  • Provide maintenance-level pastoral care and visitation with individuals and/or small groups.
  • Serve at the Lord’s Table and in other public leadership responsibilities according to gifts and availability.
  • Maintain membership practices (new members, membership transfers, membership withdrawals) aligned with CMC membership covenant.
  • Preserve confidentiality of pastoral care issues.
  • Share insight into congregational issues from one’s particular vantage point (as a long-term member, as a young adult, as a parent, etc.)

Pastoral Team meets twice each month for 1.5 hours and as needed.

Regular Activities/Responsibilities:

  • Jan. Orientation for new Pastoral Elder
  • Feb. Membership follow-up
  • March. Membership follow-up
  • May. Midyear joint meeting with Council.
  • June. Pastoral care mid-year review
  • Sept. Attend CMC retreat
  • Nov. Leadership retreat w/Council
  • Dec. Covenant Renewal Sunday

Updated October 12, 2015 by Pastoral Team: Jennifer Davis Sensenig, Jason Gerlach, Dayna Olson-Getty, Dave Graybill, Jan Jenner and Brian Martin Burkholder