Grants and Compassion Committee Job Description


To provide pastoral care to congregational members through the Compassion Fund and to support Mennonite educational opportunities for children and youth in the congregation through matching tuition grants to Eastern Mennonite School and Mennonite colleges and universities.


  1. To understand and promote general concepts of mutual aid within the congregation
  2. To provide financial assistance to congregational members as outlined in Council-approved Compassion Fund policies by
    • Keeping the congregation informed about financial resources available to individuals and families within the congregation
    • Communicating with pastoral teams, small groups, and individuals as required for processing of Compassion Fund requests.
    • Working with Everence representative for matching grants to reimburse appropriate Compassion Fund disbursements
    • Maintaining the confidentiality of Compassion Fund requests and disbursements
  3. To promote the congregational plan for Christian education at high school and college levels and carry out the policies of the educational grant program by
    • Keeping the congregation informed about the educational matching grant policies and procedures
    • Communicating with the individual educational institutions about their policies and procedures
    • Preparing and distributing application forms to families with eligible children and youth
    • Working with the Youth Pastor and other appropriate individuals to ensure that all eligible families are aware of this plan and receive application forms
    • Preparing lists of students to receive educational funds and communicating with the individual schools to ensure accuracy
    • Requesting payments be made each semester to the educational institutions for each enrolled student.

Regular Activities/Responsibilities:

  • March:
    • Education applications distributed and processed
  • December:
    • Prepare annual report

Updated March, 2014, by Jan Jenner