Office and Technology Committee Job Description


The committee serves as an advisory group on technology related issues at CMC. The committee reviews reports and recommendations from technology contractors engaged by the Technology Committee and Administrative Commission Chair. The Administrative Commission Chair must approve non-budget expenditures over $100. The committee will develop and submit an annual office and technology budget to Administrative Commission Chair. For the purposes of discussion technology refers to most things electronic that has to do with the functioning of CMC. This list includes: microphones and amplification system, telephones, copiers, printers, computers, PDAs, projectors, cell phones, etc. It does not include things like house lighting, heating, or other building functions.


3 people (3 year term)+ CMC Office Administrator


The committee will advise in acquisition decisions, purchase and support of technology equipment. Most functions of the Office & Technology committee are done on an as needed basis. Hence the committee does not meet on a regular basis except for the annual budget submission and accompanying computer review. It is the
responsibility of the user of the equipment to bring to the Office & Technology committee’s attention that something needs to be fixed, improved or included.