Memory Garden Trustee Job Description

Committee/Position: Memory Garden Trustee

Commission: Administration Commission

Mission/Purpose: Memory Garden Trustees will assure effective administration of the CMC Memory Garden.

Responsibilities: Memory Garden Trustees will oversee the maintenance of the garden, determine policies, and perform record keeping as it deems appropriate to carry out its mission.

The Memory Garden Trustees shall:

  1. Consist of three trustees who serve staggered three year terms. Members can be appointed to renewed terms indefinitely.
  2. Work with the church office administrator to keep records and appropriate documents and shall have access to these at any time.
  3. Monitor church budget income and expenses for maintenance of the Memory Garden and make recommendations to Church Council when needed.
  4. Review the Agreement document annually and discuss any proposed changes with Council Chair, who may refer the question to Council.
  5. Submit annual reports to Council.
  6. Adopt guidelines for maintenance and upkeep of the garden and determine periodically whether this is best done by paid or volunteer personnel.
  7. Collaborate with Facilities and Grounds Committee on placement and appearance of any visible memorials, whether inside or outside.
  8. Coordinate with Pastoral Team upon signing of an Agreement document to assist with information regarding placement of cremains in the garden.

Approved by Church Council, July 2016