Convictions Class

Convictions: How I Learned What Matters Most
Facilitators: Carolyn Yoder, Reta Finger and Rick Yoder
Spring Quarter 2015

Objectives: Using Marcus Borg’s Book, Convictions and active learning methods:

  1. To examine and reflect on our own memories, conversions and convictions about the Bible and faith
  2. To talk honesty about what is often the unspoken elephant in the room: our concerns, cognitive dissonance and doubts
  3. To provide a framework to better understand the roots of the turmoil in the Christian church today and the Mennonite church
  4. To nurture (in Borg’s words) “passionate believers today”
Date Content Facilitators Handouts and Support Materials
March 1 Introduction All First class (overview)
March 8 Context matters Rick
March 16 Faith is a journey Carolyn
March 22 God is real and a mystery Reta
March 29 Salvation is more about this life than an afterlife Rick
April 12 Jesus is the norm of the Bible Reta
April 19 The Bible can be true without being literally true Carolyn
April 26 Jesus' death on the cross matters, but not because he paid for our sins Reta
May 3 The Bible is political Reta
May 10 God is passionate about justice and the poor Rick
May 17 Christians are called to peace and nonviolence Carolyn
May 24 To love is to love like God Rick
May 31 Wrap up All

To get a copy of the book:

The paperback edition is entitled Convictions: Manifesto for a Progressive Christianity  and is available on Amazon.

The electronic edition is also available on Amazon.

The hardback copy is entitled Convictions:  How I Learned What Matters Most and recently was still available at our local Barnes and Noble. On Amazon it is back ordered and takes a couple weeks to come in.