Worship Arts Committee


Provide the visual elements of the worship experience.


  1. Work with Worship Commission and pastoral team to create visual elements to complement worship series and services.
  2. Send a representative to Worship Commission meetings to function as a member of the commission.
  3. Solicit artistic talents in the congregation to contribute to worship services.
  4. Maintain congregation-owned materials and items in the chancel storage areas.


Members of this group meet together both for planning and for work. This committee reports to Worship Commission, and sends a representative to Worship Commission meetings.

Members include:

  1. Chair. Organizes meetings, authorizes expenditures, contributes to projects, assigns responsibilities to other members.
  2. Worship Commission representative. A member (or chair) of the committee who, in addition to Worship Arts responsibilities, serves as a member of Worship Commission.
  3. Members. Sufficient numbers to perform required tasks. Skills in visual art and design or any or many kinds. Meet with the committee to plan and perform projects.

Current Members

  • Jodi Nisly Hertzler (Chair & Representative to Worship Commission)
  • Carmen Wyse
  • Jean Reichenbach
  • Sheri Smucker

Worship Art Committee Job Description