Community Life Commission


The Community Life Commission (CLC) works toward insuring that each member and attendee experiences connection and belonging at CMC through the development and communication of structures and programs aimed at helping people build and deepen relationships with one another and with God.

The CLC will process and develop recommendations for CMC Church Council.


To fulfill this mission and purpose, the Community Life Commission will …

  1. facilitate regular fellowship and community-building activities, dream for the future and give creative leadership in promoting new ways of nurturing fellowship and building connections for the CMC community.
  2. review annually the financial needs of the committees and present budget needs in writing to the finance committee when budget requests are solicited. Once budgets are set, commissions are expected to stay within guidelines and overspending must be approved by the finance committee and council.
  3. assist with the coordination and communication between the pastoral team and the CLC, with leadership from the Pastoral Team Representative.
  4. assist the Hospitality Committee chair with the planning and development of regular and occasional hospitality events around the table, coffee pot and water cooler (through food and fellowship).
  5. assist the Small Group Committee chair with the formation and nurture of small groups and the equipping of small group liaisons.
  6. assist the Retreat Committee chair with the visioning, planning and evaluation of an annual congregational retreat.
  7. assist the Welcoming Committee chair with the planning and development of initiatives for greeting and orienting everyone on a Sunday morning.
  8. assist the New Attenders’ Ministry with developing effective ways of meeting, informing and engaging New Attenders.
  9. assist the Lending List Committee chair with the development and communication of the lending list.
  10. assist the Valley Church League coordinator with the planning and development of church athletic team ministries.
  11. assist the Special Events coordinator with the planning and coordinate of regular and occasional special events.
  12. self-evaluate at regular intervals as designated by Church Council.


Contact the Community Life Chair at

Members of the CLC are persons who have skills in relationship and community-building, effective communication, program planning and facilitation. Members are
expected to maintain and exercise spiritually mature discretion and confidentiality with sensitive information.  The chair of the CLC, discerned by the Gift Discernment Committee, is responsible for the function of this commission and will attend Church Council as a council member. As such, the chair’s primary responsibilities are to coordinate the communications between Church Council and the CLC and to coordinate the efforts of the commission.

Updated 3/18/2024