Gifts of the Spirit: Discernment

As you consider an invitation to a particular role or task as one expression of your participation in the work of the Spirit in the world,spend some time on your own and with a group of people who know you well (a small group or friends/family) reflecting on these questions.

  1. Where do you sense God’s call or invitation in this opportunity? How do you sense the Spirit’s nudging?
  2. What have your close friends, family, or mentors sensed about your possible call to this
  3. What energizes you about this opportunity? Which aspects of this role or task would be life-giving and joyful?
  4. What reservations or concerns do you have about this opportunity? Are there aspects of this role or task that would draining or difficult for you?
  5. Are there current commitments in your life that would need to change in order to have the physical and emotional energy, time, or other resources to commit to this role or task?
  6. What would you need in order to flourish while undertaking this role or task? Are there particular kinds of support or partnership that you would need?
  7. Are there new skills you might need to learn or personal/spiritual growth you might need to undertake in order to do this role or task well? Who might be able to provide support or mentoring for you in that learning or growth?
  8. What would you need from God in order to thrive while undertaking this role or task? What spiritual practices or disciplines would you need in order to be sustained?
  9. What questions do you still need to have answered in order to make a decision about this opportunity?