Custodian Job Description

Custodian Job Description/Guidelines

Position Description:

This position is responsible for all custodial and cleaning work throughout the Community Mennonite Church building.

Position Title:


Position Accountability:

  1. This position comes under Administrative Commission and is responsible to the chair of Facilities Committee.
  2. This position receives directives from the Church Administrator.
  3. The responsibilities, relationship to the congregational structure, and contractual details of this position are established and reviewed annually by the Chair of the Administrative Commission.
  4. Church Administrator, chair of Administration Commission and chair of the Facilities Committee shall review the job description and performance of this position on an annual basis.


  1. General custodial/cleaning skills and experience to include knowledge and proficiency in the use of cleaning materials/chemicals, task oriented with an eye for details and preventative maintenance.
  2. Previous custodial or related experience is a preference, but not required. Previous work reference required.
  3. Personal traits:
    1. Attention to detail and thoroughness is required.
    2. Ability to work alone in the church building is required.
    3. Ability to receive instructions and carry through on assigned tasks.
    4. Ability to monitor a part time assignment and to meet deadlines.
    5. Competence in self-motivation, organizational/managerial skills and interpersonal relationships.
    6. Ability to perform with initiative and confidence.
    7. Vehicle availability required.
    8. Ability to communicate concerns and needs to the supervisor(s).


      1. Weekly cleaning of the internal facilities of Community Mennonite Church to include but is not limited to:
        1. Vacuuming the sanctuary, fellowship hall, educational rooms and other ‘non-tenant’ areas.
        2. Sweeping and/or mopping vinyl entrances, foyers, and stairs.
        3. Cleaning all glass windows as required.
        4. Dusting furniture, fixtures, carpet spot cleaning, and wiping tables in educational classrooms.
        5. Cleaning staff offices.
        6. Cleaning restrooms (wipe sinks and fixtures/toilets).
        7. Aligning sanctuary furniture.
        8. Wiping all kitchen counters and plumbing fixtures.
        9. Wet mopping kitchen floors as needed.
        10. Placing garbage bags/cans out on a regular basis along with recycling bins.
        11. Repositioning all educational furniture in the individual rooms as directed.
        12. Checking the church calendar and meeting with the Church Administrator regarding what is scheduled to take place in the building.
        13. Sweeping all the outside sidewalks at church the day after Patchwork Pantry and the Dean House once or twice a month.
        14. Scouting the perimeter of the property for trash, cigarette butts, and etc. weekly.
        15. Cleaning up after Patchwork Pantry. Patchwork Pantry staff is given the task to do general cleanup following their use making sure doors are locked, lights off and windows closed.
        16. Assisting in preventative maintenance check system; bulbs burned out, doors not working, other stuff, etc. Reporting to Facilities committee chair when necessary.
        17. Do night watch at the Dean House every Sunday evening, clear out trash weekly, and report any maintenance concerns.
        18. Cleaning the Church basement Sunday school rooms in the children's hallway on either Tuesday afternoon or Friday afternoons since the preschool does not meet at those times except in the summer months.
        19. Scheduling monthly walk-through with Church Administrator or Facilities committee chair.
        20. Doing follow-up cleaning after the many small events in the Church building and Dean House.
      2. Special Notes:
        1. When there are special meetings/events, such as funerals or weddings, to make sure the building is cleaned a day before the event and that a follow-up cleaning is done after the event.
        2. When there are special meetings/events make sure the doors are unlocked and locked prior to and following the event.
        3. The Preschool cleaning person will clean the downstairs bathrooms through the school year. Clean the downstairs bathrooms mid May through the summer months till Sept 1st.
      3. Building Check (Sunday Night of Every Week):
        1. Make a walking circuit inside or outside the building to ascertain that all doors are closed and locked and all windows are closed.
        2. See that lights are off with the exception of hallway lights inside ramp door and lighted areas of the building.
        3. Keep a log of dates when doors or windows are left open, lights left on or AC left running.
      4. Communications link:
        1. Communicate information about needed building repairs to the Facilities Committee chair.
        2. Offer advice to the chair of the Facilities Committee about how the facilities could more effectively and efficiently be maintained.
        3. Identify needed custodial supplies and provide the Church Administrator a list of supplies that need to be ordered.

Typical Week:


  • Worship every week 9:30 – noon
  • Potluck Meals at noon first Sunday of each month


  • Preschool 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM


  • Trash and recycling must be placed at the street by 9 AM
  • Preschool 8:30 AM –3:00 PM


  • Preschool 8:30 AM –3:00 PM
  • Patchwork Pantry every Wednesday eve
  • MYF in the Dean House every first and third Wednesday evening of the month


  • Preschool 8:30 AM –3:00 PM


  • Preschool 8:30 AM –3:00 PM


  • The Table in the Dean House 4:30 PM


Committee meetings are usually held on weekday evenings

The church office is open Monday through Thursday from 9 AM – 4:00 PM. Closed on Fridays and holidays.