Faith Formation

Faith Formation Commission

The Faith Formation Commission oversees the faith formation of children, youth, and adults at Community Mennonite Church (CMC), encouraging those experiences or actions that allow us to create an understanding and a relationship with God. It is a process in which our faith
grows as we understand God's love for us, thereby helping us express our love for God and acknowledge Jesus as the gift of that love.



  • Roveen Yoder, chair
  • Linda Gnagey, vice-chair
  • Tim Seidel, adult
  • Peter Dula, middle and high school
  • Laurie Yoder, Grades K – 5
  • Emily Bender, Preschool
  • Joyce Peachey Lind, Pastoral representative

Children's safety:

Safe Church Policy
Emergency Preparedness Plan


The Faith Formation Commission will cultivate a culture of welcoming children, youth, and adults in all areas of congregational life and encourage opportunities for leadership. The chair of the Faith Formation Commission will serve to coordinate the communications with Council
and coordinate the efforts of the commission.
1. Identify, foster, and create intergenerational gatherings and mentoring opportunities within the structure of the church.
2. Identify leaders and support creative initiatives of similar age groups for friendship and support.
3. Create opportunities for teaching and learning for all ages as we engage with scripture and Anabaptist beliefs.
4. Create additional committees and request additional help as needed.
5. Ensure compliance with CMC's safe church policy. The Faith Formation chair is a member of CMC's Child Protection Committee.


The Faith Formation Commission has the following tasks to perform:

  • Create the plans necessary to accomplish the goals set forth by Council.
  • Delegate tasks as necessary to accomplish those plans.
  • Ensure that all tasks are completed in the necessary time frame to accomplish the goals of the congregation.
  • Accept and process agenda that has been sent to this commission from the committees that report to it.  This will involve making decisions for the committees when those committees do not have the authority to make those decisions.


Updated 11/5/2022