Process and Timeline for Pastoral Evaluations

Four-year pastoral terms follow the calendar year (Jan 1-Dec 31).  Evaluations will occur at the end of each contract year beginning in November and completed not later than Dec 15th.  The Personnel Committee chair will initiate the process at the appropriate times by distributing relevant evaluation forms in consultation with the Office Adminstrator.


  • In the first week of November, each pastor completes a self-evaluation questionnaire.
  • Evaluation questionnaires filled out by others are used after years 1 and 3.
    • After year 1, the questionnaire goes to a select group of congregational leaders with whom the pastor works closely (Council, Elders, staff, commission chairs, etc).
    • After year 3, in addition to leaders, the whole congregation is given opportunity to complete an evaluation form. The Conference Minister is always involved in this more extensive evaluation.
  • Evaluations after years 2 and 4 are low profile, and consist only of the pastor’s self-evaluation with appropriate response from the review committee.


During Year One

  • Evaluation questionnaire (distributed in early November)
    • A review form consisting of a “Quality Indicator” and several open-ended questions is distributed with the current job description attached.
  • Review forms go to:
    • Office staff (other pastors, secretary)
    • Commission chairs that the pastor works with
    • Congregational Council members
    • Pastoral elders
  • Pastor’s self-evaluation
    • Pastor responds to a self-evaluation questionnaire consisting of about ten open-ended questions.
  • Reporting
    • Council Chair (or Vice Chair) reviews all returned questionnaires, including self-evaluation, and prepares a summary report to be shared with the lead pastor.
    • Council Chair (or Vice Chair) shares summary report with lead pastor in a face-to-face session.
    • Council Chair (or Vice Chair) and lead pastor share summary report with associate pastors in a face-to-face session.
    • Summary report is shared with other members of Congregational Council.
    • A brief report on the review is included in the Council chair’s annual report the following year.

During Year Two

  • Pastor’s self-evaluation
    • Pastor responds to a self-evaluation questionnaire consisting of ten open-ended questions.
  • Reporting
    • Council Chair (or Vice Chair) reviews self-evaluations, makes response to the lead pastor as needed.
    • Council Chair (or Vice Chair) and lead pastor receive copies of other pastoral staff self-evaluations and follow up with face-to-face conversation.
    • Council chair reports to other Council members as seems appropriate.
    • No formal summary report is compiled, and no formal reporting to the congregation.

During Year Three

  • Same as after Year One, with two exceptions:
    • The review forms go to the leadership group, and are also made available to the entire congregation.
    • The Allegheny Conference Minister is included in reviewing all returned instruments, compiling the summary report, and meeting with the pastors along with the Council Chair.

During Year Four

  • Same as during Year Two
  • During the spring of Year Four Council Chair leads the congregational decision-making process regarding whether to extend an additional term to pastoral staff.

Approved by Church Council January 20, 2011

Upcoming Years for Each Pastor:

Calendar Year Cycle Year 1 Cycle Year 2 Cycle Year 3 Cycle Year 4
2019 Jason
2020 Jason
2021  Joyce Jason
2022  Joyce Jason
2023 Joyce Jason
2024 Jason  Joyce