Local Service Updates

CMC supports many organizations in our community. Check here for regular updates!

August 2017 update

August 25, 2017 by Outreach Comission

Our August meeting was packed with updates, information to be processed and decisions to be made. Two key elements of discussion were the remaining Everyone Welcome tithe funds and our budget for the upcoming year.

Everyone Welcome tithe funds

After soliciting input from the congregation, we narrowed potential recipients to the five organizations that had strong support among congregants. From there we considered any specific proposals from those groups, the nature of the work they do, needs of our community, CMC’s Vision Process priorities, the sustainability of the organizations, and their capacity for other fundraising avenues. In the end it was voted on to allocate the remaining $10,00 as follows:

Comité Salvadoreño de Paisanos Unidos (COSPU): $4,000

Vine & Fig: $3,000

Scholars Latino Initiative: $3,000


Budget discussion

Hadley (Jenner, chair) supplied a proposed budget for 2017-2018. Historically, the congregation has sought to make Outreach Commission’s budget equivalent to about 15% of CMC’s total budget. Looking at the budget trend over the past few years, we are currently (roughly) $6,000 from meeting the 15% goal. We thus discussed the option of increasing our budget incrementally by $2,000/year for the next three years. First, we need to determine more accurate numbers regarding CMC’s total budget and how far off we are from the 15% goal. Additionally, with the possibility of a larger budget, OC members agreed to come to our next meeting having each drafted an “ideal” budget that fits the evolving needs of our community by rethinking current recipients, their funding levels, and any organizations we think should be added to or taken out of our budget.

*If you have strong input for our process, please email comments to aliese.gingerich@gmail.com.

Outreach Commission Update, June 2017

July 26, 2017 by Outreach Comission

During our June meeting, OC members amended our policy regarding financial support of young adults serving with Mennonite Voluntary Service. In the past, our policy did not provide for individuals who chose to serve an additional year. Our amended policy dictates that CMC continue to support such an individual financially at the level of $1,000 (as compared to $2,000 for her/his first year of service). Financial support will be given regardless of whether the individual chooses to serve an additional year in the same job and location or move to a different placement.

As communicated to CMC congregants in May, $10,000 remains of the Everyone Welcome tithe funds. A survey was sent out electronically and hard copies were made available at Sunday services in May. Input from the survey was compiled and discussed at our June OC meeting. There were many recommendations given, with several organizations being mentioned numerous times. OC members agreed to consider the survey results along with CMC's vision process results and come to our August meeting prepared to make a final decision for allocating the remaining funds.

Outreach Commission Update, May 2017

May 25, 2017 by Outreach Comission

For years, CMC has supported young adults pursuing service experiences both domestic and international. In fall 2016, Outreach Commission (OC) voted to increase financial support of individuals serving with Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS) from $1,200 to $2,000 (per individual). During our May meeting we identified the need for a policy regarding individuals who chose to serve an additional year with MVS. This policy will be created during our June meeting. If you have suggestions or concerns, please speak with Hadley Jenner or another OC member.

Aliese Gingerich reported on several ways that CMC congregants can get involved with the efforts of Faith In Action (FIA) over the next several months. FIA members will be reading Waking Up White, by Debby Irving before attending a diversity training on October 21st. There will be book discussions each month this summer. For more information, contact Aliese Gingerich or Kent Davis Sensenig.