Prayer Window (2014)

Artist Statement from Zac Nafziger

"Prayer" is not the easiest of themes out of which to create. As I started the design process, I asked several people what "prayer" meant to them and I ended up with a list of items seemingly pulled from a child's illustrated Bible: angels, light beaming down, lambs, clasped hands, doves, etc., etc… Although these responses made sense, they weren't at all what I wanted to make, so I looked deeper.

To me, prayer makes one of two main requests: a cleansing, or a blessing. That became the starting point for the designs. In all large windows, the control of light plays a major role as well, in this case, and even before the design was started, I knew that in this case especially, it needed to produce a calming blue light. With those three elements–light, blessing, cleansing–the design began to take form.

In these windows, imagery of hands cupped together creates a pool of water that overflows and splashes down, seemingly out of the perimeter of the frame. It is mean to create a sense of calm for those that use this space. Its level of detail is meant to help people get lost in the imagery as they seek meditation. The hands lack color because they are meant to represent anyone, and this window is truly meant for everyone. I'm honored to have the opportunity to create these for this space and I hope the entire congregation will find meaning in them.

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