Memory Garden

About CMC's Memory Garden

We believe:

  • That we are created by a loving God as eternal beings, and for our lives as earth creatures we have a physical body to respect, nourish, and enjoy.
  • That death is the natural end of life in this body, but God has planned that life has an eternal dimension, and we no longer are dependent on the physical limitations of our earthly body.
  • That after death, what remains on earth is the wealth of memories held and treasured by friends and loved ones, while some respectful disposition is made for the physical body.
  • That cremation is one acceptable way to care for the physical body.
  • That a Memory Garden could be dedicated to and reserved for use as a lasting memorial to provide for the interment of cremated human remains for persons of CMC, immediate family.

The purpose of a memory garden, on the property of CMC, is to dedicate an outdoor area for the interment of human cremains of church members, their immediate family members, and non-members. Attractive landscaping makes the garden a suitable location to place the cremated ashes of the human body. It is a place to meditate, remember and celebrate the lives of the persons whose ashes have been placed there.

Cremation is an ancient tradition that has been practiced throughout the world in many cultures. Today most Christian denominations consider cremation to be an acceptable, respectful, and dignified way of treating the human body after death.

Locating a memory garden on church property helps to bring the reality of death closer into the life of the church and provides a means in which to honor those who have gone before us. This also is in keeping with our commitment to provide a simple, dignified plan which is also ecologically and economically sound.

For details about placing cremains at CMC, please take a look at the CMC Memory Garden Agreement and Memory Garden Agreement Details.

For further information and payment, contact the CMC church office at or 540-433-2148 or one of the Memory Garden Trustees.

Memory Garden Trustees

  • Alden Hostetter
  • Matt Gingerich

Trustees members serve 3-year terms