The Details

B-Water COB 3
The financial plan is intended to cover landscaping design and construction, an assistance fund (which would provide an opportunity for CMC to provide plots for members, neighbors and friends who require financial assistance by providing a plot to place their cremains), and a self-sustaining funds for the first two years of maintenance. The total projected cost of the garden is $38,000. The goal will be to raise two-thirds of that total, or approximately $25,300, before construction begins. Please consider making a donation.

Fundraising goal is to solicit the sale of plots at the rate of $500 per cremains, or $900 per couple. The purchase price of a plot by the donor does not qualify as a contribution for tax purposes. Though not limited to the goal, the hope is to sell 10 plots at $500 ($5,000); 20 plots at $900 ($18,000); plus 5 donors at $1,500 ($7,500); and 3 donors at $2,500 ($7,500). These would total $38,000.

For all the fine print, download our terms and conditions document.