Faith Formation Commission


Faith Formation Commission oversees all education and programs of CMC that relate directly to children, youth and adults, encouraging and preparing them to follow the way of Christ in the world.  The Commission will also process and develop recommendations for church council regarding Christian education and activities. Faith Formation Task Force consists of

    • Chair
    • Vice-Chair
    • Pastoral Rep
    • Pre-K Rep
    • Middle School Rep
    • High School Rep
    • Adult Education Rep
    • Nursery Coordinator
    • Child Protection Committee Rep

Children's safety:

The Faith Formation Commission has the following tasks to perform:

  • Create the plans necessary to accomplish the goals set forth by Council.
  • Delegate tasks as necessary to the reps.
  • Ensure that all tasks are completed in the necessary time frame to accomplish the goals of the congregation.
  • Accept and process agenda that has been sent to this commission from the committees that report to it. This will involve making decisions for the committees
    when those committees do not have the authority to make those decisions.