Jr MYF Sponsor Job Description


To provide a variety of activities to nurture all areas of the youth’s life including spiritual, emotional, social and physical development; to provide and nurture friendships within the group, with mentors and the church family


  • Plan, coordinate and advertise monthly activities and Monthly Gathering activities
  • Get signed medical release forms from all youth
  • Submit budget for each year
  • Attend VMC Youth Workers Retreat (if able)

Regular Activities/Responsibilities:

    • January:
      • VMC Youth Workers Retreat
    • February:
      • Plan activities for next 4-6 months
    • August
      • Sponsors plan activities for Church Retreat
      • Decide about VMC Middle School Retreat
      • Plan monthly activities for at least 6 months
    • September
      • Get kids to fill out medical release forms Church Retreat
    • December
      • Write annual report
      • Plan budget for next year