MYF Sponsor Job Description


Our purpose is to create Christian community that is wholesome and inclusive for all youth. We have chosen to pattern our Christian community with Christ’s example in the forefront of our minds. As a group, we are intentional about building relationships with each other and God. We strive to provide opportunities to serve all
of God’s people, those within our particular community as well as the world. May our light be seen by all.


  • Attend twice-a-year sponsor meetings
  • Attend bi-monthly Youth group activities
  • Participate in Church Retreat and MYF Snow Camp
  • Participate in either summer service trip or MC USA Convention

Regular Activities/Responsibilities:

    • January:
      • Snow Camp
      • High school plays
      • VMC – Youth Worker’s Retreat
    • May:
      • Senior Tea
    • June:
      • High school graduations
    • July:
      • Service Trip or Convention
    • August:
      • Menno Mitzvah (entry to new youth)
    • September:
      • Church Retreat – MYF in specific cabin
    • October:
      • Begin planning for Snow Camp and Summer service project and/or MC USA
      • Begin collecting medical release forms
    • December:
      • Write annual report