Venture Club Sponsor Job Description


To nurture the spiritual growth of each Venture Club member by being an example of Christ’s love in our interactions with the youth and with others we encounter; to encourage a sense of community and service to others by involving the youth in service projects for CMC and for the broader Harrisonburg community; to promote a sense of belonging and self-worth in each Venture Club member by encouraging involvement in each event; to develop positive relationships between sponsors and members and among members through fun activities; to widen each member’s worldview by providing information about different cultures and people.


One sponsor attends Youth Commission meetings to report activities and coordinate with other youth groups. Sponsors meet in early August to plan the entire year’s activities. In addition to CMC Monthly Gathering activities, one activity per month is planned. Sponsors divide up events so that one sponsor is in charge of an
event. That sponsor is responsible for planning the event and communicating the details to other sponsors and Venture Club youth. Other sponsors are expected to attend events to help.

Regular Activities/Responsibilities:

  • January: Event – often snow tubing
  • February: Event – often Lock-in, may involve service project
  • March: Event – often an international meal asking a CMC member to share about an internationalexperience.
  • April: Event for Spring – often mulching CMC or other service project
  • May: Event – often outing to Riven Rock or other outdoor hiking – Fridley Gap
  • June: Event – often a picnic at a park or swimming at Westover Park
  • August: Sponsors meet to plan activities for the upcoming year. One sponsor will make up a welcome letter that includes goals, a roster of Venture Club youth (including parents, phone number, email, and names of sponsors), and event schedule. They distribute these to kids, church office and sponsors.
  • September: Event at retreat to kick off the year – often games to get to know new sponsors
  • October: Event – often a Fall Festival cookout at a CMC member’s farm
  • November: Event – ice skating in Charlottesville, indoor swimming, rent EMHS gym for play
  • December:
    • Event – often service project related to Christmas – cookies for Patchwork Pantry
    • Write annual report
    • Carryover sponsor check with pastor for church events for the coming year to avoid when planning Venture Club activities.