Youth Commission Chair Job Description


Youth Commission oversees all education and programs of CMC that relate directly to children and youth (nursery through high school), encouraging and preparing them to follow the way of Christ in the world. The primary assignment for the Youth Commission is to give overall leadership to the various committees and groups related to children and youth activities at CMC. The Commission will also process and develop recommendations for church council regarding Christian education and
activities. Youth Commission may serve as an advocate for including faith development of youth in other congregational activities as appropriate.


The Chair coordinates the efforts of the Youth Commission. The Chair also coordinates meetings, currently held every other month, that includes representatives from MYF, Jr MYF, Venture Club, Sunday School, Nursery, Mentor/Mentee Program, Library, the Youth Pastor and one parent representative (see CMC Organizational Flow Chart dated 8/11). The purpose of the meetings is to provide communication on current children and youth happenings in each program, to offer mutual counsel and support for leaders of various programs, and to discuss both specific and general issues related to youth and their faith development at CMC. The Chair corresponds with the Youth Council representative on Gifts Discernment to assist in finding replacements. Finally, the Chair of the Youth Commission also represents commission interests on Church Council and coordinates communications with Council, serving as the link between Council and the Youth Commission.

Reoccurring Activities/Responsibilities of the Chair:

Jan/Mar/May/July/Sept/Nov: prepare meeting agendas, lead meetings, assure note-taker is present and minutes are delivered to Church office. Provide proper orientation for new committee/group members as they begin positions.

    • January:
      • Confirm someone to coordinate “Care Packages” to be delivered in March
      • Identify persons willing to coordinate Vacation Bible School
    • March
      • Identify persons to coordinate recognition of high school graduates
    • May
      • Identify person to coordinate “Care Packages” for children/youth living abroad
    • July
      • Ensure Child Protection Committee has determined a date for biennial Safe Church training for new Sunday School teachers, helpers, music leaders, mentors, nursery volunteers and other volunteers working with children and youth.
    • October
      • Identify individuals to help with childcare for November Congregational Meeting
    • November
      • Assist with Congregational Meeting
      • Develop budget for upcoming year
    • December
      • Write annual report