Administration Commission


The Administration Commission is to oversee all aspects of administration and the business of CMC.  It is made up of representatives of finance, property committees and administration of church organizational activities.  The primary assignment for the Commission is to administrate and supervise the finances and budget, property and physical plant, and personnel issues for CMC.  This Commission will deal with all CMC employed staff regarding contractual issues such as job descriptions, salary negotiations, tenure review and benefit packages.  This Commission will process and develop recommendations for Church Council and (but not make final decisions) on personnel matters.


The Administration Commission attends to the overall administration of CMC as an organization functioning as a commission accountable to the membership body. The
chair of the Administration Commission will serve to coordinate the communications with Council and coordinate the efforts of the commission.

  1. With the leadership of the Finance Committee Chair, the Administration Commission will assist with leading the finance Committee develop annual budgets and plans to accomplish their goals.
  2. With the leadership of the Property Committee Chair, the Administration Commission will assist with the planning and developments related to building and physical
    property of Community Mennonite Church. The Administration Commission will also work with staff and volunteers to oversee and coordinate space needs, furnishings, and organization of facilities and grounds for the benefit of the many users.
  3. With the leadership of the Rental Property Manager, the Administration Commission will assist the manager to set and monitor policies and agreements that meet the
    goals of the congregation. The Administration Commission will also work with staff and volunteers to oversee and coordinate space needs, furnishings, and organization of facilities and grounds for the benefit of the many users.
  4. Design formats for job descriptions that include paid and volunteer positions that meet the needs of the congregation and utilize the gifts of hired staff and CMC
    members. Job descriptions for paid staff is to be reviewed annually and agreed upon by staff. Job Descriptions for commissions are to be reviewed every three years or more often as demands/requests require.
  5. The Administration Commission will attend to both sides of the pastor-congregational understanding and interpretation of pastoral, office personnel and custodial job descriptions and the documentation of all agreements. In order to be effective, the Administration Commission must maintain a balance and sensitivity to the time
    requirements and restrictions imposed by job descriptions. Administrative Team must act as a third party and listen to the voice of the paid staff regarding contractual agreements and the needs of Community Mennonite Church.
  6. The Administration Commission will work with the Personnel Committee on staff reviews and negotiate annually the salary and benefit package. Church administrator
    will keep all documentation in a personnel file for each staff person. Salary/wage and benefit recommendations are to be ratified by Church Council.
  7. The commission will self evaluate every three years or more often as needed. All recommendations for change must be approved by council.


The Administration Commission Chair has the following tasks to perform:

  • Create the plans necessary to accomplish the goals set forth by the Council.
  • Delegate tasks as necessary to the committees under their control to accomplish those plans.
  • Ensure that all tasks are completed in the necessary time frame to accomplish the goals of the congregation.
  • Accept and process agenda that has been sent to this commission from the committees that report to it. This will involve making decisions for the committees when those committees do not have the authority to make those decisions.


Members are persons who hold other major leadership positions in the congregation and who have skills in administration, supervision or mediation. Members must be able to maintain strict confidence and exercise spiritually mature discretion with sensitive information. Members of the pastoral staff or members of their immediate or extended family should not be members of the Administrative Team.

The Administration Commission shall be composed of four members as follows:

  1. The chair of the Administration Commission, discerned by the Gift Discernment Committee, is responsible for the function of this commission and will attend Council as a council member. As such, the chair’s primary responsibilities are to coordinate the communications between council and the Administration Commission and to coordinate the efforts of the Administration Commission. The other three members of the commission include the following:
  2. The chair/representative of the Finance Committee.
  3. The chair/representative of the Property Committee.
  4. The Rental Manager for the CMC building/facilities.
  5. Additional resources may be accessed at the discretion of the commission chair.


  1. The Administration Commission will meet as needed prior to Church Council meetings for the purpose of giving input on council agenda planning. It is recommended that this commission meet at least quarterly.
  2. The chair of the Finance Committee (and if needed, the Administration Commission chair) will meet separately with each CMC staff member at least 1 time per year. The chairs along with the commission may choose to meet with individual staff upon request alone regarding contractual and benefit issues/questions.


The Administration Commission is accountable to the Church Council at Community Mennonite Church. Council may determine if and when written reports are required for council and/or for the congregation.

Members and Committees:

  • Chair: John Waidelich 2023
  • Vice Chair: Lee Good 2023

Administration Commission Job Descriptions:

Policies and Documents: