Guidelines for Presenters

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us!

In order to make your presentation as smooth as possible, we have created some guidelines.

Available resources:

  • An internet-connected Windows laptop.
  • A system capable of playing video, slides, images, and audio.
  • A clicker for advancing slides or pointing to areas of the screen.
  • Wireless and wired microphones, both hand-held and lavalier, as well as a hot box for connecting instrument pickups to our sound system.
  • A team of fine folks ready to help you make your presentation a success.

If you plan on making use of any of these resources, please contact the sound board team at

For many reasons, we strongly prefer to use our own computer. It has been optimized for use with our system. You can email a dropbox or google drive sharing link, or entire files, to ahead of time, or log on to your own cloud storage accounts from our computer.

If you are planning to use video, please contact the sound board team beforehand to arrange a trial run. This prevents panic and chaos during and immediately preceding the service.